Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spotlight: Nemesis Plot Synopsis

Nemesis starts in Tokyo as Nemesis blows up a building with a SWAT team in it. He insults the city Inspector saying that "For a man with an impressive reputation, you've got quite a list of failures." He then lets the Inspector get hit by an oncoming train and then crashes the train to increase the death-toll. When asked by his henchmen "What's next", Nemesis replies by saying that his next target is going to be America.

Meanwhile in Washington DC, Chief Inspector Blake Morrow takes down a group of thugs in a supermarket by pretending to be a Hostage. Blake Morrow is then approached by the FBI who tell him that Nemesis is going to target him next. Blake thinks it's a joke at first until he sees the card Nemesis sent the FBI with the time of his death placed on it.

Nemesis eventually hijacks a plane with the US president in it and crashes it into the middle of Washington DC, killing hundreds. Nemesis then publicly tells the world over TV that he wishes to kill Blake Morrow and that he has taken the President hostage saying that "it's time you hailed your new fucking chief"

Nemesis has hired a group of local thugs as his henchmen, and tells them his life story. His name was Matt Anderson and apparently his father committed suicide after Officer Blake Morrow tried to imprison him for a hunting game involving runaway teenagers and rich friends. Matt was robbed of a normal childhood by Blake Morrow and was raised by his uncle. Matt traveled the world to learn the ways about crime, in hopes to complete his mothers dying wish to "Kill that clever police officer Blake Morrow."

Blake interrogates Nemesis' uncle, who reveals that he too wants Nemesis brought to justice. Blake reports this to the men at the Pentagon but everyone in the building is killed by a gas attack created by Nemesis. Blake and his Sergent survive only because Nemesis put the antidote in their morning coffee. Nemesis then reveals to Blake (behind the safety of bullet proof glass) that he has leaked all of the Pentagon's secrets on the internet and that he still plans on killing him March the 12th.

Nemesis is eventually chased by every cop in the city after he steals the donor organ from a dying child. He is eventually surrounded by Blake and his team who reveal that the donor organ is actually a pig heart with a tracking device inside. Nemesis is beaten to the ground and place in police custody, his last words to Blake being "You think I didn't plan all this?"

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