Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Details On The Ultimate Spider-Man Animated Series

"It's fair to say that when we came on the project, Marvel looked at what worked in the past and what hasn't worked," Kelly told MTV News. "They felt like this would be a cartoon for a completely new generation, so let's tear it down and build from scratch and really exploit what animation allows us to do, not replicate what's done in the comics."

"We're hitting a lot of comedy. The action is really frenetic... and kinetic. It's like the technology has caught up with Spider-Man — sort of the same thing they said with the movies, where you can finally do the things you actually want to see him do."

"The building blocks are great," added Seagle. "It's a classic character for obvious reasons, so those pieces will still be in place. Peter Parker is the archetypal teenager. Those story beats don't ever change. The same things that were critical to teenagers then are critical to teenagers now. So a lot of our world is that world — focusing on what it's like to be young and have amazing powers and still try to save the world and go to school."

"Tonally, he's less of a whiner and more of a smart-aleck," Kelly said of Peter Parker. "He understands his responsibility, but he's willing to bust chops as he's moving through it. He's not intimidated with it, as he might have been portrayed in the past."

"Bendis has been great," said Seagle. "He understands that character so thoroughly and that world. All the new stuff and all the old stuff — he's great at synthesizing that and saying, 'This is how that would go.'"

"We all met together and got around the table with Joe Quesada and Jeph Loeb," Kelly said when asked about planning the series. "It's a real free-flow of ideas. Brian knows that stuff so well, it's Paul's first time ever writing Spider-Man, and us lifelong fans of Spidey, we're just throwing things at the wall and seeing what makes us laugh and what we enjoy."

"It would be very, very cool to see a Deadpool in this universe. I don't know if we could actually do it and actually be on TV, but... Spider-Man's rogues gallery is fantastic. There are characters we can and can not use, so it's a little tough. Personally, I love Moon Knight. I'd love to see a Moon Knight in it. I love Mysterio, he's always been a favorite of mine."

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