Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wolverine: Weapon X

While Weapon X is not published under Marvel's MAX imprint of Marvel, writer Jason Aaron has stated his intent to differ this title from the more mainstream Marvel series that Wolverine is regularly featured in.

In an interview, Aaron explained, "Basically, I'm approaching this like Garth Ennis did the Punisher MAX series. Obviously, this won't be a MAX book in terms of content, but we will see arcs that are stand-alone and feature lots of new characters and new villains. We'll really be working to establish our own continuity, instead of mining Logan's past. Daniel Way is already doing a great job of dealing with the ins and outs of Logan's history over in Wolverine: Origins, so I want to focus on telling new stories for people who maybe aren’t as familiar with Wolverine continuity. We’ll still be dealing with his past at times, just like how the first arc involves the legacy of Weapon X, but in a way that’s still easily accessible."

Aaron also explained that the series will not tie into the ongoing events of the Marvel Universe, such as Dark Reign, at least at first: “You'll see plenty of references to the big events of the Marvel U in these pages, but at least initially, you won't see us doing any crossovers or tie-ins...Again, I want this to be a series that anybody can step right into and enjoy, regardless of how many Wolverine comics they've read before.”

The first arc deals with a private security organization called Blackguard obtaining files on the Weapon X procedure that transformed James Howlett into Wolverine. It leads into a tale of corporate espionage, with Wolverine attempting to single-handedly dismantle the organization trying to create their own versions of Weapon X soldiers, featuring artificially enhanced senses, strength, agility, reflexes, stamina, an accelerated healing factor, laser claws and adamantium laced skeletons.

The second arc features Wolverine awaking in a mental asylum, where it is quickly realized that a psychopath is passing himself off as a psychiatrist to perform twisted experiments on inmates that he has captured and is keeping against their will. Wolverine, an apparent amnesiac, is having nightmares of his life as Wolverine as the "doctor" tries to reawaken the beast within Logan.

The third arc of the series features Wolverine teaming up with Captain America to fight a new generation of the killer cyborgs: Deathlok.

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