Friday, February 26, 2010

IESB Exclusive: Big Plans For DC Heroes

We’ve got to be living in an alternate reality like J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek - minus the starships and Karl Urban’s Bones McCoy. When did Warner Brothers suddenly get their crap together? In the last couple of weeks (particularly 48 hours) has come an onslaught of info regarding their plans for Superman, Batman, The Flash and so on.

Now we’re privy to information, but will mostly opt to keep our mouths shut. You just can’t run with everything you hear. Our good pals from other movie-news sites will tell ya the same. Some info turns out to be legit, some crap and everything else in between. And there’s stuff like Christopher Nolan producing the Superman reboot while prepping to direct Batman 3. Yeah, we heard that. But thought it was too crazy to be true. Cut to: it being fact.

It’s with that in mind we thought we’d spill the beans on some recent unconfirmed (that is the key word here, boys and girls) rumors. Again it’s too crazy to be true. Or is it?
OK. So we know David Goyer and Jonah Nolan are writing The Man of Steel and Batman 3. We’re hearing outta Burbank a key reason behind Chris’ "Godfather" role is to help out li’l brother Jonah. "Why’s that?" you ask. Because latest rumblings peg him to sit in the director’s chair for the Superman reboot.

This, of course, would mark his directorial debut after working with his brother on three Batman films, The Prestige and not to mention his (ultimately un-credited) stint on Terminator: Salvation and writing Interstellar for Steven Spielberg. Jonah’s a solid writer, for sure. But making your first feature a no-doubt $200 million+ blockbuster tentpole with the intention of sequels down the line? Of course, this could just be a part of somebody’s wish list – maybe the studio or maybe "Godfather" Nolan.

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Written by Jamie Williams Friday, 26 February 2010 11:47

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