Saturday, March 20, 2010

Site Spotlight: Earth's Mightiest!

If you are a fan of pop culture then you should really check out the site:

Earth's Mightiest is filled with fan provided information on the latest and greatest of all things movies, music, comics, books, TV and anything else occurring in the pop culture world. This site is quite unique in the sense that it creates and facilitates a real community of people with similar interests. Fans are encouraged to create fan sites (I have 5!) and submit articles, essays, thoughts, opinions, editorials, whatever on the subjects that interest them. I've learned a ton surrounding pop culture; interesting pieces of information on artists or books, upcoming projects, interviews with people in the industry etc.

I write this article because I'm a fan of comics, movies, books etc. and I believe many others would really enjoy the pleasant experience of communicating with others who have similar interests.

So, come check it out, create a fan site (trust me, it's simple), read up on the latest and greatest and have fun communicating with others who love this stuff too!

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